Reach of Open Meetings Act expanded

By Frank Johnson
Deputy City Attorney, City of Gaithersburg

House Bill 375 added a new Section 307 to the Open Meetings Act, making 17 more State-created boards, corporations, and authorities subject to its requirements. Boards identified include the Board of Directors for the Maryland 9-1-1 Board, the Maryland Clean Energy Center, the Maryland Economic Development Corporation, the State Board of Elections, the Maryland Technology Development Corporation, and 10 others.

All will be required to use their websites; post agendas and meeting materials at least 48 hours in advance of any meetings, except for emergencies; maintain minutes; and generally allow video recordings for at least one year. All will also be required to comply with other elements of the Open Meetings Act, including closed meeting restrictions and requirements for training (which is available on the Attorney General’s website and through trainers certified by the Academy for Excellence in Local Governance).

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