Open Meetings Act Forum Tentatively Set For February 6

By Frank Johnson
Deputy City Attorney, City of Gaithersburg

The Section will sponsor a virtual Open Meetings Act lunch forum, to include Assistant Attorney General Rochelle Simpson, who advises the Open Meetings Compliance Board, Section Chair Amanda Conn, who teaches about the Open Meetings Act at George Mason Law School, and Frank Johnson, who has been a certified trainer on the Open Meetings Act since 2017. The tentative date is February 6, and the panel discussion will include a discussion on key Open Meetings issues facing towns, cities, counties, and school boards, including the required steps to close meetings, how emails can be subject to Open Meetings Act requirements, how deliberation of public officials is so important that public observation is typically required, and specific reasons identified by the Act to allow closure, as well as training requirements and resources for assistance. In addition to the panel discussion, as time permits the panelists will entertain questions, so watch for the announcement and be sure to join us!

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