Welcome to a New Year With Our Section!

By Amanda Conn
General Counsel
WSSC Water

Happy spring to all the members of the State and Local Government Law section. For those of us that worry about winter weather that affects our government clients, it was an easy winter.

I want to encourage our Section members to consider serving on the Section Council. Each year, we have several current section Council members stepping off because they are at the end of their terms. (Two terms of three years each is the normal limit unless the member serves a partial term to fill out an unexpired term, or the Section Council grants an exception.)

For this year, we had two vacancies, and Frank Johnson, the chair of our Membership Committee, emailed everyone in early March to recruit members for these spots, which start July 1 and as noted are three-year terms. We do this every year.

Moving forward, we encourage Section members from all parts of Maryland to apply, as we do try to make sure we have attorneys from all parts of our state who practice state and local government law. This includes attorneys in private practice. Having a diverse group on the Section Council serves all of us by bringing a strong variety of thought and practices to the table.

We now have a firm date for our State and Local Government Institute – Friday, June 2! Block your calendar off now so that you can attend this important annual signature event.

It will be a virtual program just like last year because the MSBA has found that the virtual programs have more attendance than the in-person events. One benefit of the virtual program is that we can often attract speakers that would otherwise be reluctant to
commit to driving to the event location.

Our Program Committee worked hard to line up panels and speakers that will be off interest. Stay tuned for an email where you can sign up for the Institute and see the draft program.

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