Virtual Law Day Set for June 2

By Frank Johnson
Deputy City Attorney, City of Gaithersburg

The Section will be holding the annual Law Institute on June 2, and will host the event virtually. While we hope in future years to resume in-person events, especially for the Law Institute, the Section Council also recognizes that a virtual event does offer a measure of convenience for everyone, anywhere in the state. We have scheduled four sessions, running about an hour each.

Topics include an appellate court update as well as a report on the General Assembly session for this year. Additionally, there will be an update and panel review of the cannabis legislation enacted based on the voters’ decision in November to allow recreational marijuana use; highlighted in the conversation will be the expected impact on employment laws as well as policing. Finally, we will host a panel discussion on the challenges involved in advising an elected chief executive, such as a mayor, governor, or county executive, who may have vastly different political and personal preferences, varying levels of authority, and also have had to react to major crises – such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

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