The Maryland State Bar Association State and Local Government Law Section publishes this blog as a forum for commentary and news relevant to Maryland’s government legal practitioners.

Authored by Section members (and the occasional special invited guest), the blog aims to be a prime source for information on a wide range of topics that impact government law practice, including:

  • Developing legal issues
  • Recent cases
  • Legislative changes
  • Section programs and offerings
  • News
  • Job opportunities and personnel changes in government law offices
  • Practice tips
  • Interviews with prominent current and former government attorneys.

The blog is not intended as a forum for advocacy on behalf of the authors’ clients.


The content of this blog is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship of any kind. Readers of the blog should not rely upon the content of the blog in any way, or otherwise take actions based on the blog’s content without consulting professional legal counsel.

Opinions, viewpoints, and positions expressed within the blog are only those of their authors, and do not represent the opinions, viewpoints, or positions of the Communications Committee, State and Local Government Law Section, or Maryland State Bar Association, or the author’s firm, employer, or clients. Links within the blog to other websites do not in any way constitute sponsorship, endorsement, or approval of those websites.

MSBA Social Media Policy

The MSBA exists to support and lead Maryland’s lawyers in our pursuit of justice, professionalism, and service to the public. Therefore, the MSBA uses social media to build relationships with the legal field, the media, and the public as part of our efforts to fulfill the mission.

Purpose of Social Media:
Encourage membership
Deliver timely and relevant information
Promote value of section membership and general membership
Poll members on their needs and insights
Engage members in entity activities
Announce meetings and events
Offer networking opportunities
Develop communities of interest
Promote activities, products, and services

This policy provides guidance for MSBA volunteer use of social media to include blogs, message boards, chat rooms, electronic newsletters, online forums, and social networking sites. Expressions of opinions or concerns on topics related to the practice of law or the legal profession are beneficial, as long as they are not repetitive, derogatory, antagonistic, political, or inflammatory in nature, and do not contradict MSBA policies.

The following principles apply to professional use of social media on behalf of the MSBA.

● Administrators need to know and adhere to MSBA (Bylaws or Policy Manual) when using social media in reference to the MSBA. Note: administrators include both MSBA volunteer leaders and MSBA staff.

● Nothing is private on the web. Facts must be checked before being posted, and sourced content must include proper citations and links (when possible). Any errors must be corrected quickly and visibly.

● Administrators should not post confidential or proprietary information and will be held liable for any content deemed proprietary, copyrighted, defamatory, libelous, or obscene.

● Social media dialogue must be thoughtful and respectful, and content about controversial topics not relevant to the MSBA brand or community is strictly prohibited. Irrelevant or vulgar posts by MSBA’s audience must be monitored and deleted.

● Administrators should be aware that MSBA staff may observe content and information made available by volunteers through social media.

● MSBA will create and monitor social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln, Twitter, etc.) for each section/committee. MSBA volunteer leadership will receive login information from MSBA staff prior to posting on various section platforms.

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